Blame is nothing new. We learn in Genesis that from the beginning, a fundamental trait of our sin nature is to place blame for our actions on a person or a circumstance. That same abandonment of personal accountability is prevalent in our culture today.

Social media only makes this temptation harder to resist, when opportunities to finger-point are literally at our fingertips. However, as believers, we should resist the temptation to play the blame game — even if our reasons seem justified.

Join me at Managing Your Blessings, where I’m sharing my post “Resisting the Temptation to Blame,” identifying three common blame traps to watch out for. I also address why we as believers should be careful to avoid blame, and what our reaction should be instead. Read my full post here.

When do you find it most difficult not to blame others or blame circumstances? Have you ever found yourself at the receiving end of the blame? What do you think our response as believers should be when leaders fall, headlines scream of injustice, and formulas fail us?

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